Dreams and Goals


First and foremost, if you had a dream idea, or a goal, you are NEVER too old to try. NEVER! I know some people who set out goals when they were young, and once they hit 30 became depressed because they hadn’t achieved them. So why not try now? I’m in my 40’s and finally published something. It’s never too late.

For me the goal was to actually publish a book. Becoming rich and/or famous was never a part of my plan, so I don’t have to worry if that never happens. Here I am at 42, and book 3 is in the works. My dream is real, and I’m living it!

I also want to point out giving up. Don’t! You may need to change your strategy, or break things down into smaller parts to get going. Just because you failed the first time doesn’t mean you should give up, no matter what the dream/goal was. Whether it’s to start a family, or become the next amazing actor, don’t let one failure break you. Baby steps can get you back into it.

I started writing book 1 back around 2000. (yes that long ago) I felt that I would never be good enough to actually publish so when it got lost in my computer, I barely even tried to retrieve it. Fast forward many years, and for some reason I felt like I could finish that book, and do something with it. (thanks Jay) Originally it was only going to be a trilogy, now that’s changed into a series with off shoots that bring the world to life. To say I’m excited for what’s to come barely scratches how I feel. As I’ve said before, even if just 1 person reads what I write, it was worth doing it!

So give your idea a go! Surround yourself with people who will support you, but will also knock you down if you are getting too ahead of yourself. You never know what you can achieve when you actually push yourself!


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