The Black Sheep


Everyone has at least one in their family. You know, that one person that whenever you are asked how they are doing you cringe a little. In my family, it’s me. Although not knowing what to say in regards to how things are going is because, quite frankly, no one actually knows. I guess you could say I’m a self-appointed black sheep.

Pretty much how it works is if you have me on Facebook, you get a glimpse into my life, but that’s about it. You know I write, that my house is such a piece of crap that I will be fixing it until I die, and that I like to sit outside by a fire. When you see me ranting about things, it’s usually because a friend had something happen to them, and I’m pissed off. Very rarely are my rants to do with me or my life. (just a heads up)

To me, that’s all anyone needs to know.

I don’t need to know what’s going on in anyone’s life, so I don’t feel anyone needs to know about mine. (this is why I’m pretty sure I would do just fine as a crazy hermit) You have something interesting you wish to tell me, cool. I will listen and be happy/sad/pissed for you. (whichever goes along with what you are telling me)

So dear family, it’s ok that I am not the popular relative, or one anyone is even remotely interested in. That’s all groovy to me!


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