Tempus Fugit


My life is ruled by time, and yes, it flies by some days. When I’m writing, and even reading, I have lost time. More so when I’m doing a rough draft. I’ve lost 4 hours one day, and was happy I didn’t have anywhere to be. Look at the clock and it says noon, next it’s just after 4. Crazy times, but man did I get a lot accomplished.

I try not to waste too many moments, but it happens. Every second I have, I try to write. At the moment it’s rewrites, but I’m also setting up the next novel, and jotting down ideas for the one after that. Some days my brain feels like it’s going to rupture if I don’t get all the ideas down. Next thing I know, hours have gone by.

I try to make time for everything as well. I don’t write if my husband is home, because soon he will be working even more, and we won’t see much of each other. When the kids are actually about, I will write in bursts. I’ve realized that if I get too involved with writing, they need help with something. Sort of like when they were young, and needed me only when I had just answered the phone, or just began cooking supper.

Even as I write this, I am watching the minutes tick by. I wish I had more hours in a day, and that time didn’t rule my existence, but such is life. I’m happy for the time I have, and the amazing people I get to share it with.

Time flies, so make the most of each tick on the clock.



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