Slacking and Writing


I have been slacking off with my blog, and I apologise. Not that I think for a moment that a lot of people actually read this, but to the few who do, sorry. This blog was just to be babbling about what’s going on with my writing, and a few little bits about my real life. I like to keep them separate, but sometimes they cross over.

Shard of the Fallen Goddess (book 3) is coming along, and I’m really liking it. Don’t worry, I will hate it soon enough. Such is the life of anyone who has a muse speak to them. LOL. Re-writes and edits are always a fun time!! At the moment I’m trying to figure out who I want to dedicate this one to. Book 4 I already know, funny how that works. I put nothing in my first book, because it was my first. I did put something in the 2nd, so now I feel this one needs a little blurb. These are the strange thoughts that plague me.

My first book is still being downloaded regularly. Instead of a day here and there it gets downloaded, now its a day here and there that it doesn’t. Pretty cool. Some have even purchased book 2, which is awesome. Malena, the companion novella, has had a little over 20 downloads. Hopefully that leads to people wanting to read the others. In the end, it all works out.

I check the different sites every day, and smile at what I see. It makes me very excited to see my novels being picked up. Book 1 is free in the USA and CAN on Kindle, they made it this way. Not sure if they will keep it that way, but it is getting my novel out there, and that’s all that matters.

Melarandra is my world, and I am loving it!



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