Farewell 2015


As the hours tick by, the new year creeps a little closer. I can’t help but reflect on the crazy year I have had. I expect next year to be even worse. That isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I referred to this past year, since January, as the year of hell. Not for negative reasons, but because of how much I was planning on accomplishing. Funny thing though, I don’t feel like I deserve to celebrate the past year.

For some time now, I have looked at New Year’s Eve different than before. In my younger years it was just another reason to party with friends. Now, I see it much different, and I always ask myself, did I do something that deserves to be celebrated.

There are those who have medical reasons to celebrate, others achieved a milestone they thought out of reach. There are many good reasons to celebrate, so I reflect and try to find mine.

I published 2 novels. It was a dream come true to do just one, but that doesn’t seem good enough to me. I was told that I inspired people to follow their dream. One in particular thought they were too old to even try to achieve a goal they set as a youth. (There is no such thing as too old.) I guess, that in itself is a great reason to celebrate. Being an inspiration. Sounds like a good one to me.

So now I sit, and focus on re-writes for my third novel. I hope I inspire more people to go after a dream, especially one they thought dead. I hope that all people realize their potential, and don’t let silly things stop them.

I expect 2016 to be an even more hellish, and am looking forward to it. I am planning on pushing myself to do even more.

Happy Birthday 2016. I hope all goes well.

new year


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