Anyone Can Write


When I finally took the jump to officially publish my 1st novel, I had expected there to be negative remarks. The one I received the most was ‘anyone can write’. I was also laughed at, told I would get anywhere with it, all that fun stuff. Hearing that anyone can write, my response was: yes, they can.

I believe that everyone has a story in them. Whether it’s a personal journey they want to share with the world, or a silly children’s adventure. If you have it in your head, constantly, you should write it. That being said, not everyone can do it well. If you have a life journey that you wish to convey to others, whether to help them or to help you get through something, doesn’t mean you should be the one to write it. You can put it down, and get an assistant to help you. Others just need an amazing editing team to make it a reality.

The part of writing that not everyone can do, is publish. I’m not saying you can’t get published, but actually doing it isn’t easy. It takes a lot of convincing, to yourself, before you finally get the courage to do it. Writing, like any art form, possesses a bit of your soul. It can hold a part of your personality too. Once you decide to publish, that goes out for anyone to see. It will be embraced, and ridiculed. If you don’t have a strong resolve, it could make you want to give up. It did that to me. I was borderline for a while.

Now, I’m on book 3.

So I very much agree that anyone can write. I just don’t think most of you have the guts to get it out there for the world to judge. Give it a try!



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