A Little Update


As the completion of my little novella nears, I am forced to take a look of what I have done so far. I wrote the novella as a companion book, which explains a certain character. I felt a full novel to discuss her life didn’t make sense, but wanted to explain how she got to the place she was in when you first meet her in Children of the Sun and Moon. I also have tried to make it stand alone, and draw people in. *evil laugh*

But what have I done so far? To me, quite a lot, and nothing at all. To others, I have accomplished much. My first two novels are out, and actually getting picked up as Christmas presents. I find that to be pretty cool. I am writing the third novel in the series and expect it to be out late June. So I have done much, but seeing as I’m new at this, I will never be happy with what I have done. Pretty sure this is normal for a writer.

The novella is called Malena. She is a character I loved to write, and as I said, I felt her story needed to be told. It is my hope to have the novella out early in the new year. It is just a side project, so I didn’t actually put a timeline on it like I do for my regular novels.


Cannot wait to get it out!


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