What I want


Want, desire, crave, need, no matter which way you say it, this is how most of the world appears to view everything. I want this, I deserve this, and so on. It’s really quite sad, however, such is the way of things.

What do I want? Wish? Dream? So many things. I wish I could sit on a deck, and look over a body of water, while I write. Nothing relaxes, and inspires, me more than listening to the waves roll softly onto the shore. I crave solitude in my daily life. I’m one who can own a home far away from the bustle of the real world, and be quite happy. This is a goal. I dream of having a personal library. A place where I can get lost in different worlds, and yes, I want it too.

I wish I could take my husband on a trip. We have one planned out which goes from here to Nova Scotia, then down to Boston where we would watch a hockey or baseball game. One day, it will be a reality, sadly other things in life take priority. Because of this, I have made it one of my writing goals. When I hit so many books sold, I am taking him on this trip.

I dream of a world where people take care of their community, instead of ignoring the issues. Poverty, homeless, all get ignored. Instead people worry about whether or not they can get their children a new gaming system. I think about the children who wonder if they will eat.

So what do I want? Everything. However, it is up to me, and only me, to make this happen.


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