I’m the Loner-Writer


I can count on one hand the people who are close to me. That being said, even they don’t know most of what goes on with my life. I prefer to keep people at arms length. It was a choice I made many eons ago, and am quite happy with it.

My husband gets annoyed some days over this. He is the first to know things, but even that happens when much time has passed. I like doing things myself, and try to do everything this way. Some days it doesn’t work out, but you have to try to see, right?!

I was thinking about this today. How much I like to do things myself is probably the deciding factor in why I chose to self publish. So many options I can use, and I am the final say on all of it. Everything is coming along nicely. Still have to work on the editor issues, but even that will eventually be where it needs to be. All things that are worth while, take time to achieve.

Being a loner-writer isn’t for everyone. Most people I know need to have someone close who understands and helps out. I do have my husband, who is my biggest supporter. I bounce ideas off of him now, and he gives me some interesting feedback. So I guess I’m not a total loner. What I am is working for me, and I’m happy to be in this place.

The ride is just beginning, and I can’t wait to see where I end up.


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