Love/Hate: eBook and Indie


It seems to be either/or with people. I myself, enjoy real books. However, when discovering new authors, it can be far cheaper to purchase the eBook version than the printed. I find I prefer to try new authors out with the eBook. Much easier on the pocket book. If I like them, then I usually will go and purchase their printed versions. I don’t have an actual unit, but instead use a tablet and download the app’s for the different types out there.

There is also the issue of space. eBooks are excellent choices for people living in smaller spaces. All avid readers would love to have their own library, but for most of us that isn’t possible. I have also read that people with arthritis prefer eBooks.

Yes, holding an actual book feels great. Falling asleep with it beside you, or sitting outside enjoying the sun is relaxing. It’s even better if you can get it signed by the author. What a great feeling! (I only have 1 signed novel…need to travel more I guess)

And then there’s the world of Indie. Otherwise known as, self publishing. People still tend to look down on self published authors, even though there are a great many out there, and you probably didn’t even know it. Yes some just pump out crap, but what you think is crap, perhaps someone else really enjoys. Giving everyone a chance is the way to go. Don’t base your opinions on silly things like the person is self published, or even if you don’t like the cover. (personally that one bugs me)

Self publishing is very expensive, and has very little gain in the beginning. If you are hoping to make a quick buck by pumping out a novel, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I mean, have fun! It is just as much, if not more, hard work as going through a traditional publisher. There are also a lot of options now. You can usually find print on demand places, so you get your printed copies. They normally offer packages in which you can use their editors, designers for interior and cover, plus marketing and other fine tuning. You also normally get the option of the eBook. You can go through your own channels, as well.

I recommend you do your research, and there is a lot out there. This way you can find what is right for you!


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