Diving in for a 3rd time.


At this moment, the rough draft of my 3rd installment in my World of Melarandra series is being written. And I’m actually loving it. (don’t worry, by the time it’s published I will think it’s crap) There are so many characters, and things going on, I’m slowly frying my brain, but it’s worth it. I’m having lots of fun, and don’t want to stop.

The 2nd novel has been out for a couple of months, and is finally available on amazon.ca for purchase. I think that it’s much better than book 1, and hope many people do as well. In it I bring in new characters, that I hope people fall in love/hate with.

Now, I’m doing it all over again. #3, Shard of the Fallen Goddess, is slated for a June release. I’m thinking late June, but we will see. The rough draft will be done soon, and then the real fun begins. Ripping it all apart, just to put it back together again. I love rewrites. Seeing everything come together is an awesome feeling. Once all the rewrites and edits are done, hopefully a real book will be ready for the world.


This novel is going to cover a lot of ground, and my hope is that I do it in a way that makes sense. So far, it is coming along great. Either way, it will be out in June. And then I move on to the 4th. Yes, there is an outline for a 4th, as well as 5th and 6th. I also have some novella’s outlined. 9, in fact, that will be part of the Order of Maget series. A feel a brief glimpse into the lives of each leader is needed to help the story along. Hopefully, others agree as well. Don’t expect these to be out soon though. They are just an idea.

Pretty much have my life until I die decided, so I better live until at least 90. Here’s hoping!


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