Channeling Yoda…sort of.


“Do, or do not. There is no try.” (for you non-Star Wars fans it’s from the Empire Strikes Back)

I always liked these words, to an extent. You should just go for things, but at the same time trying new things works as well.

When I decided to publish, I said to myself that I was doing it. I wasn’t giving it a try, I was doing it. All or nothing. However, when it comes to the different markets, and coming up with strategies, it’s a trial and error deal. I am slowly trying things, and so far most are a bust. I’m going to give it quite a run first, before making a decision. Things don’t necessarily come fast, and definitely not easy, so I am making sure it’s done to the full extent I think it needs too before I shoot it down.

You need to try everything. Just because you read that something didn’t work for someone, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Look into things, do your research, and give things a try. If it doesn’t pan out, at least you know and can move on to the next idea.

Just do things too. When you have the info you need, or the idea in your head, give it a go. Don’t question things until it’s already moving along. If it doesn’t feel right, or something just isn’t working, change it up!

If you aren’t willing to take a chance with your dreams, you will always fail.


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