Have you ever wondered…


So many ways you can go with that simple start to a sentence. For me, have you ever wondered what you are capable of doing, is high on the list.

What am I capable of achieving? If I put my mind to work, I’m sure I could achieve anything. Right now, I only have a few goals.

First, and most obvious, is to get people reading my novels. Slow going at the moment, which I expected, but I still want it to get more views. This would be followed by some personal goals, that will take more time to achieve. If conditions change, they might happen sooner. Either way, they will happen. My wondering always leads to me thinking of new ways to do things, and one day it will all click together.

I think everyone should ask themselves things like this often. Have you ever wondered… about anything? Do you think about things that you can’t change? Do you dwell in the past? Do you ask “what if” a lot? Sometimes, these things help you focus on the now, or future, but you can’t let it dominate you. Life is ahead, not behind. You face forward, not back, so don’t let your life be dictated on what was. Wondering why, how or anything else that gets your mind working, in my eyes, is the way to go.

Have you ever wondered?

If you would like to see more ramblings, check out my Facebook Page. Some days, they are actually interesting and informative.


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