The World of Melarandra


This is the name of my series. I get asked a lot about how I came up with the name, plus the names of the many characters that are in my novels. For most, I have no idea. Some days I hear a word, and change it up into a name. Some are from novels that I like, changed up a bit. Others are names of people I know, but I change the character. The personalities of many characters are from the people in my life, I like to keep the name different. (so they don’t realize it’s them)

I’m a fantasy author, which makes it easy to come up with names. I don’t have to worry about offending people by using real names, although there are quite a few as the novels go on. Some names seem odd to people, when they are in fact real. I love talking to people, and having them tell me all about their favorite characters and why. Some connect with the ones I based on them, which makes it interesting. Why? Because it was what I hoped. I don’t have a huge fan base, just yet, but those who do like my novels sometimes talk to me about it.

There are two novels out now in the series. Children of the Sun and Moon is the first book, Cavern of the Heavens in the second. I like book 2 better myself, so we will see if that is the general census. I am currently writing book 3. (hoping to have it out late spring) I’m certain by the time it’s released, it will be my favorite. I just love how the characters are developing, and introducing new ones. Make believe is fun!!

The first novel takes place in the Central Lands. This is an area segregated from the rest of the world, and is quite a naïve little kingdom. The second novel moves the characters into the Realm of Lungast. This kingdom knows war, and other things that we think as normal, but those in the Central Lands are not used to dealing with. The characters realize that things are very different out in the real world by the third book. The many changes that occur bring new creatures into the lives of the Central Lands, and hardships they have never endured before.

All this means new names. This may get so out of hand that I will need my readers to help me name people. I have an entire list of names, so I’m good for now. I also have characters outlined for future novels, so hopefully I never run out! If I can’t name my characters, I might as well hang up the pen and paper.

Both of my novels can be found in many places. If you like eBooks you can get them on Kobo, Kindle and Google Play. If you prefer written copies, those can be found on many websites. The ones I know for certain are and In Canada, and I know the UK amazon has them as well. Pretty sure a good chunk of amazon sites carry it, so just check it out! The links to some places can be found on my about page.

If you do read them, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


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