I love self publishing! #indie


If you search self publishing, you are going to get a lot! It actually is quite daunting when you see all the information that pops up. The first thing you should do, is read as much of it as you can. I researched quite a bit, and am still learning new things. It’s hit and miss too! Everyone writes differently, and has different goals for their novels, so you really need to try and see what works for you.

Don’t expect to sell a lot right out of the gate. Unless you can afford to do a lot of marketing, it’s going to be slow and steady for the first little while. If you are lucky, you will have many friends and family who help. Even if all they do is share a link, it’s something! You can also find like minds on Twitter, and a lot of great advice and help!

If you want to go the print-on-demand route, I recommend Createspace. The royalty payout sucks for those who don’t live in the USA or UK, and I really hope they change it in the near future, but overall it is amazing to use. You have the option of using their services, and they have a lot, or you can do it yourself, which they help with. You can get a template for formatting, which you just copy and paste your novel into. You can create your own cover, and they have a template for that which tells you how to do it. I’m learning so much from them! My hope, however, is to one day be able to use all of the services they offer. Baby steps.

I have a 5 year plan right now. The goals are attainable, although some I’m really going to have to work at to achieve. That’s another thing about self publishing. If you are doing it because you think it’s easy or even easy money, you won’t get very far. This is hard work, and something I try to focus on daily. I follow a few self published authors who have done great things, and it took them quite a few years. So I think that if I keep at it, keep learning and push myself, I can do something fantastic!

My advice: Don’t give up! (no matter how bad things get, keep trying) Listen to advice but try it out first to make sure it works for you! Keep learning! Make goals, and push yourself to attain them! Finally, HAVE FUN!!!


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