Software. Help?


I am in awe. There are so many programs out there designed to help authors, and I find it a bit overwhelming! They are a trial and error deal. Don’t assume that because your favorite author uses something that it’s right for you! Everyone does things different. Free trials help with that.

For me, I don’t need to use something like Snowflake. I’m not sure I could anyway, it sounds complicated. I use notebooks. I have a lot. Each one is dedicated to different things. I have outlines for different people, places, you name it! When I come up with new characters, I may not have a name right off, but I do know their story. Sometimes it’s simple and becomes more, but I always have a good start.  I also have one called ramblings. It is where I write down the outline for the book. I also write down how I want it to flow, who is dominate, etc. During rewrites, I use it to note changes, add or subtract things, shift chapters get the idea.

I do use Ginger, and am loving it! So helpful and is teaching me too. I’m very happy to have found it! My biggest reason for getting this one was because it has the option to use a UK dictionary. I’m Canadian, and UK style is how we write.

None of them can replace a person, yet, but they do make things easier.


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