What I’ve Learned So Far


Quite a bit, and not much. I have learned a few tricks to help my writing, and also that some people on twitter are quite full of themselves. I feel for anyone who has no idea what they are doing. If you take some of their bad advice, you won’t get anywhere. Some people have a lot of good advice, though. I know who to trust (thanks to the royal mess my 1st book is). What I still need to learn, is how to write better.

I’m an OK writer, who is slowly getting better. I figure in about 5 years I might know what I’m doing. I don’t blame anyone but myself for the issues in my 1st novel. I just hope that I make up for it in the 2nd, and on.

I’ve learned that Facebook doesn’t work that well. Depending on my followers to share links just doesn’t seem to be working, especially due to the fact that maybe 6 people actually read what I post. I did notice that I’ve had views in the UK, and other places overseas. That is pretty cool!
Sadly, the same goes for Twitter. I retweet my own things more than anyone. Good thing I have 2 accounts, or stuff might never get out. 😁 A friend and local page retweet as well, and I thank them for that!

I still need to learn how to get my novel(s) out there. I’m now using a few websites, and plan to pay to promote certain things. I know I need to get my own website, but that’s a cost I just can’t afford, just yet. For now, there’s my Amazon Author Page. My books are available on Kobo 1st, but my author page shows the printed version as well.



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