Endings create beginnings.


This is how my first three novels are working. I like ending things, but I also like a bit of intrigue. These will flow together, and I hope, generate interest for upcoming ones.

The novellas are an entirely different problem, so those will be discussed at a later date.

My current ending is for my second novel. It will be released Sept 1st on Kobo. With that comes my beginning, the writing of the rough draft for the third novel. Shard of the Fallen Goddess is on its way, but with so many ideas floating around, I’m not sure I can write it in the timeframe I’ve given myself. I’m enjoying the attempt, and plan to push myself to achieve it!

Summer will be ending, but fall is one of my favorite times to write. I will be focussing on the different outlets that my novel will be available on, but hope to begin another novella. Rough draft of the third will be first, but who knows what I can get done.


There are other endings occurring, and it will affect my writing time. It’s already making me write differently, but hopefully not crappy. My moods tend to make their way into my stories.

Endings and beginnings. Use them to better yourself, and to give you strength. Don’t ever let it bring you down too low. Find your muse, and create something epic!


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