I’m a bit crazy…


OK, I’m a lot crazy. I have this strange obsession with pushing myself until I snap. I think it stems from the thought that nothing I create is very good. Because of these thoughts, I push myself to crazy extremes. Everyone who creates has a muse, mine just happens to be nuts. Or drunk a lot. Thank you crazy muse for making me nuts as well!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this, and everyone’s reasons are different. Creating is a very personal experience. With every book I write, more of me is exposed. It’s similar to bearing your soul for the world to see. For me, at least, it feels this way. It’s also crazy to put so much of yourself into something, and then put it out for the world to judge. Friends and family aren’t the only ones viewing my work. I’m out there for complete strangers to judge. Now that’s crazy!!

The 2nd novel in my series will be out Sept 1st. I had the rough draft finished before my first novel was published. I had wanted to do that again, but that only gives me a few weeks. I’m crazy, so yes, I’m going try. Not sure if I can pull it off seeing as I am rewriting Malena, the 1st novella in the People series. Editing book 2, rewriting Malena and trying to do the rough draft by Sept 1st. Not crazy at all!

All this will be worth it, of that I am certain. I’m already living my dream! Seeing strangers purchase my novel gives me an amazing thrill! (Now if I could just get some more reviews….)

Judge me how you see fit. Just remember, I’m ok with being called crazy.


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