Being Thankful


There are so many things I am thankful of, and it starts at the beginning.

I had a simple childhood, but it was filled with many things. Going to farms, hanging out with horses, but mostly it consisted of running through the bush and swimming whenever I wanted. Rainy days consisted of playing board games, card games or even just in the rain itself. Everything to spark a child’s imagination!

I’m very thankful that I came from a family who reads. It’s actually an art based family. Singers, writers, musicians and painters. I can do it all, but none of it very well. Still, being around all that gets your imagination flowing.

This all sets up now.

All of that made me want to create, so I did. I don’t have much support, but I’m very thankful for the small amount I do. Without them, I would have none, and not be getting anywhere. Things are slow going, but they are going. So THANK YOU to all who support me!



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