Relax and focus


This weekend we went camping. We rarely get to do things like this. It was needed, and turned out to be pretty good. It was relaxing, and inspiring.

I came up with a few new scenes, based on spots I’ve never walked to before. There was no one there but myself and husband, and an idea popped into my head. I love that I can do something simple like camping, and be inspired. I am currently writing the third book in my series, and the idea I had will fit in perfectly!

I feel I belong in the country. Lived in big cities, and don’t understand why people prefer that. I am happy in my small city, but would be happier in the country. I can just imagine the different things that would inspire me. This is probably why I love fantasy.

I was pushing myself too hard, and needed to reset. My focus now is promoting my second novel. (out September 1st on Kobo) Hopefully it’s as well liked as my first one. It will be available on Kindle, Google Play and printed versions on Amazon by November. I also want the rough draft of the third done. Here I go pushing myself again!

At least I’m having fun!



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