Time to get some needs dealt with!


I’ve been pulling myself in all sorts of directions lately. Writing book 3, editing Malena, impatiently waiting to get book 2 back so I can finish it off and publish it, along with trying to do a shit ton of things around my house. (That was one really long sentence!)

Most days I don’t know which way I’m supposed to head.

Now, I need to focus.
I need to advertise like crazy, somehow. (That is to say, I need to figure out how to get it into my friends and families head that I really need them to share every link I post on Facebook)
I need to get book 2 out there. (Hoping for sept 1st)
I need to create a website.
I need people to post reviews. (Lots have been purchased so please get on that!)

I seem to be very needy right now, but I guess that’s just part of a writers life! Or, I hope it is and I’m not just some crazy person.


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