Trying Something New..Eeeeek


I took a jump. My novels are eBooks, and now I’m going to print. I’ve decided to go with Create Space. (For those who don’t know, it’s Amazon.) It’s very easy to use and so much help if you need it. The only problem, I’m Canadian. For some odd reason it means I can only be paid by cheque. I also have to have $100 USD before I can get paid. Here’s hoping people buy my stuff! 😜

This is what Children of the Sun and Moon will look like on Amazon.


I’m excited to be offering it in print form, I just hope people like it. I had issues with many things and decided not to change it. Why did I leave them? To learn. So yes, there are errors. I also don’t trust most people involved in that aspect. New editor for book 2, and other areas have been improved. Hopefully it works out better! 😁

#2 is coming out this fall on Kobo. My goal is to have prints and Kindle available by November.

I don’t advertise as a YA author, but it can be read by teens and up. It says this on the eBook sites.

This will be available Aug 1st, so if you like prints maybe you will like my book. If you aren’t sure, Kindle and Google Play are $0.99 CAD, Kobo is $2.99. Try it out, you may actually like it. (and review it too please…I need more on all sites)


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