Bring on the pain, the tears, the joy and the laughter


If you experience this all at once, you are a creator. For me, it’s writing. I go through all of these feelings in one chapter. It’s just the way it is. It seems that all writers go through the same thing. I tend to dwell on the “this is crap that no one is going to read it” stage. My novels are ok, or so I have been told. I say otherwise, but what do I know.

I’m experiencing all of these feelings a lot these days. Right now I’m waiting for my edits to come back, going through my novella and fiddling around plus writing the rough draft for my 3rd novel. It is crazy, scary fun. Everything is probably going to fail huge, but it’s out there!

When writing, just do it. First drafts don’t need to make sense or even flow. The point is to get it down. Making it perfect comes later. Don’t give up your dream because it looks/sounds like crap. It always does at first.

My dream was to be published, not be a household name. Yes I’m self published, but I still count it as being published. So dream accomplished. Now, to continue to freak out and write some more! After all, I am addicted!!


Thank you James Thurber for this quote.


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