No patience.


This is a problem for me. I’m waiting to get my edits back, and I’m pretty sure the wait is going to kill me. Just you wait and see!

To keep my mind off of the waiting, I’ve been working on book 3. I want the rough draft done before I release book 2. It’s one of those silly goals I set. I also plan to release it by April. Who says self published authors slack! I always set timelines. Helps to have things set. Feels good to accomplish the tasks I set myself. This is probably why I hate waiting.

I’ve also decided to publish using Create Space. So I’m impatiently waiting for my proof to arrive. This might kill me too! (don’t like KDP, but so far Create Space has been fun) If you prefer actual books, Children of the Sun and Moon should be available on Amazon worldwide by August 1st. 😁

So here I sit, and wait. Annoyed that I have to depend on others, but understand the necessity. I just wish it would hurry up!!!


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