It was a long wait


When I first created Melarandra, I didn’t own a computer. They were just starting to pop up in homes. Ya, it was a long time ago. Many, many years ago!

I hand wrote for about a year and finally got a computer. I was in heaven! (Having 2 small kids plus working made it hard) I was a quick at typing and everything seemed to flow out of me. I was only able to write a few hours a month, so it was slow going. Then the dreadful day came. I put my hard disc in, and it was corrupted. It was halfway created, and now ruined. I printed it all out and found that the first third was ruined, the rest was OK.

I swore a lot!

So I rewrote the beginning, and changed quite a bit. It was a major rewrite, long before any editing was going to happen. Fun times.

During this time I upgraded my computer. It came with a new WordPerfect program. It was some type of exclusive deal. I loved it and kept writing whenever I could. USB sticks eventually came out and I saved it on both.

Then my computer fried, and I found out no program could open the file. Not at that time anyway. I could view it, but not edit or type at all. Frustration kicked in, and after screaming and swearing, I walked away from it. Years passed by and I pushed it too the back of my mind.

Then just over a year ago, I decided to try and see if I could open it. 3 hours and a few programs later, it was open. My heart jumped and I decided I was going to finish it or die trying!

It took no time to finish the rough draft and then I threw myself into rewrites and edits. Sent it out to be read and edited, and finally it was done. I put it away then, and started on my second book. When that rough draft was done, I went over it again.

On Jan 4th, I finally published it on Kobo. Then on May 13th I received my printed copies and have recently put it up on Kindle.
Kindle USA

Royal twins, magic, evil order trying to take over.

Took forever, but I’m happy I decided to take the plunge. So far it’s been a fun ride!!!!


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