Your writing style is wrong!


That isn’t possible, but people will tell you it. If you are comfortable with how you write and it makes sense to you then tell those people to stick something in an awkward place. That being said, listen when you are told that certain parts need fixing. Your style is your own, but everyone can improve and learn.

I have read quite a few different series where I loved the idea behind it, but hated how it was written. I even own one. I figure if I just keep reading them, eventually I won’t mind it. Right? I expect a lot of people won’t like my style. Can’t please everyone!

I’m going to use Twilight as an example. I found it a horribly written story. Like monkeys in the dark. Some parts were fine, while others jumped about and made no sense. I really did like the idea behind it though. Except the sparkly vampire thing. That was just weird.

When I write my rough draft, it’s funny. I have chapters that will have a few sentences describing what I want, and that’s it. I do this because I know what I want there, just not how I want to do it. Sometimes i go through it a few times before i get those chapters where i want them. So if you are a new writer and you don’t know where to start, just write. Worry about flow and all that later. I bet once you start, things will take shape before your eyes!

Like I said, I’m sure some will say something similar about my work. I just hope I don’t get the ‘spelling trolls’. These are the ones, usually Americans (no offence), who say your work is riddled with errors. I’m Canadian, we spell things differently. Just a heads up.


One thought on “Your writing style is wrong!

  1. Great post! When I began writing my first children’s book I avoided writing in rhyme because pretty much every writer/editor/publisher will tell you it’s not worth your time and effort. I tried to write the story in prose but the words felt forced and the flow that I wanted wasn’t there. Mostly to get it out of my system, I wrote a draft in rhyme. Finally it clicked! The rhythm was there and I made every effort not to sacrifice the story for the sake of a rhyme. One of the first publishers I submitted to accepted my manuscript. Lesson learned: Be true to yourself and your own voice!


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