Hello, my name is P. D. Stewart and I’m addicted to writing


And reading. I just can’t help it! I have so many ideas floating around and need to get them all out there.

I like to use notebooks to keep track of everything. This is how it looks when I write.


The notebooks are for different things. Human characters, non human characters, places (on a map as well-I need a better one), gods/goddesses and one called randoms.

Randoms is where I outline some things or write down additions and changes. Usually when I write I have stuff typed on the screen as well. Ideas for future chapters etc. The characters and places all have descriptions. Some I use upon introduction, others I hold back until later on.

Yes I am obsessed, but it’s the only way to keep everything straight. Too many ideas! My imagination just doesn’t stop, not yet anyway.

Like I said at the start, I really hope to one day see all of them out there. Otherwise, there’s a good chance my head might explode!


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