Canada Day AND Indie Pride Day


Bet you didn’t know that! šŸ™‚
Now you do.

There’s a hashtag going around that I happily took part in.


Self published authors post pics of themselves with their books. It’s interesting to see. I really wish some people would get over the whole ‘true publishing is better’ crap. Self publishing is just as good as traditional.


This is why ebooks are great. Take out any page that has publishing info and I dare you to figure out who’s who!!

I like that it is becoming a bigger deal. Ebooks may not be leaping forward anymore, but it will pick up again. I just wish I had bookstores here that would sell my self published novels. Sadly, I have no where but my house to sell at.

I really need a web page. That’s part of my 2016 to-do list.


2 thoughts on “Canada Day AND Indie Pride Day

  1. Lori

    :). Get a web page before 2016, Have you set up a business page on FB? That may help you too! Looking forward to reading your book. So proud of you. Xo


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