Helpful Social Media (and other ramblings)


It’s a given that social sites are a way of life these days. They are slowly helping me get stuff out there, which is great. I am on sites a lot, but it’s more as a learning thing. I read up on a lot of different things in an attempt to expand my horizons. I actually learn a lot, and want to say thank you to everyone I follow on the different sites. Your posts and ideas have been quite helpful. 😁

I’m on Twitter and Instagram as @melarandra.

Facebook Link  –

Google+  P. D. Stewart or use my email

Goodreads – P. D. Stewart

You can get my novel on Google Play:

Or on Kobo:

I expect my second novel to be available by Oct 1st. Can’t set a firm date until I get it back and do the final edits. I will be flooding my social media sites constantly once I have it all figured out.

I also think that around Christmas I will be doing some promo type stuff, so stay tuned!!!!


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