Spend Money to Make Money


So the saying goes. I partially agree. I will not pay someone $1,000+ to edit my work. Sadly, that’s the going rate, even for local people. If my novels start bringing in more money I may consider using a pro, but for now I will go a different route.

I spent money on my first novel by getting printed copies made. It was worth it too! I’m really hoping to get all of them printed. No idea how to make that happen. A loan is out, no bank will take that risk, and there are no grants for self publishing, but I’m still going to hope!!!

In the last few weeks I have spent a small bit on other things. Purchased a few images to use as book covers and a sort of logo. I’m thinking of making up some keychains with the Melarandra image on them. Every little bit of publicity helps! I cannot find an image I like for my next novel, so I’m just going to stick with the one I created. It isn’t spectacular, but it will work for now. I can always change it later. (This one is set for a fall release.)


I found the perfect image for book 3, which I have begun writing. I’ve also found an image for Malena, first of the People of Melarandra novellas, that I like. So far the images I have purchased have been worth it! Now to just get the novels done and out there!

I also could pay companies to read my book and do reviews. As if! $250+ for that silly service! I will stick with people who actually paid for my book, thanks. At least I know the reviews are somewhat honest. (looks like I paid for the ones I have anyway! Lol)

There are some things I just won’t spend money on. Might take me some time to get out there, and that’s OK by me. 😁


2 thoughts on “Spend Money to Make Money

  1. Best of luck to you and many positive vibes sent your way! Have you considered having bookmarks made instead of key chains? You could tuck them into books in Little Free Libraries around you. Free advertising! Well, almost. πŸ™‚


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