Villains and Evil Plans


First and foremost, all of my plans are evil. I don’t think it’s worth doing if it isn’t evil. When things are finally coming together you get to throw your head back and yell “muahahaha” while rubbing your hands together.

Is it really just me that does this?

Shall we move on then?

I actually have trouble writing villains. (Shocking, I know) How evil I want you to think they are just doesn’t seem to come across in my novels. Not how I really want it to anyway. Book 1 isn’t supposed to show this but book 2, and on, should. Yet I’m just not sure if it’s quite there. This isn’t something an editor can help with, because it’s all my preference. (I’m quite brutal with myself) The big problem is I have a tendency to try and give them some compassion, when in truth they are a dark and evil creature. I purposely went through and added a darker feel to book 2. I removed quite a bit from a certain couple of characters and made them much more evil. One, in particular, you won’t see the full change until book 4. But the base is there. I try and read up on these kind of things, but it really just comes down to what I want.

I guess what it boils down to is that I just want book 2 to get enjoyed as much as book 1 did. And so on. Here’s hoping it, and the ones that follow, do!!!

My favorite villain! Thank you Disney.



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