Having a blast! Summer Lovin’! And all that stuff!


Many times I have said that I am having a lot of fun writing. My first novel is slowly getting out there, and I love seeing that. It’s not getting huge sales, but it’s had some. I like having it on Kobo, but loved being able to do some prints. (Might be the only one I can afford to have printed so it’s nice to have that.) Despite things going slowly, I have to keep pushing on. So now onto #2!

The second in my series is called Cavern of the Heavens. My deadline to have it ready is fall. I always set a deadline date, and push to beat it, even if only a few days early. I also won’t publish unless the rough draft for the next novel is ready. It’s hard to accomplish, but fun trying!

This time is a bit different. I’ve decided to also do some novellas based on certain characters. The rough draft for book 3 has been started, but I have the rough draft for the first novella finished. (I want to publish the novella by November.) So, I’m focussed on finishing edits for #2, and then starting the edits for the novella and finally finishing a rough draft for #3. All by September I might add! Summer fun, plus all this writing means an awesome time!! (I hope) 😜

By the way, yes I’m  having fun!


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