Yes I Am Canadian


Proud of it too! I am also a tad stereotypical Canadian. I love hockey, say eh a lot and think maple syrup is amazing on many things.

If you want to hear someone say ‘aboot’ instead of ‘about’, go to the eastern seaboard. The rest of us say ‘about’. Sorry to burst your bubble if you really thought we all said it wonky. Oh, I also say sorry a lot.

I also love living in my sort of remote area. As I have said before, much inspiration can be found for any muse. Although small, this little city has a very diverse culture, and boasts the largest population of Finnish outside of Finland. Many amazing small restaurants exist here, not to mention art galleries and views all over to get some great pictures! Don’t believe me? Well, come see for yourself and let your little muse take over!!!


I recharged my mind and body yesterday, thanks to this beautiful area, and got myself back in the right place. I love writing, so getting back to it after being off my game was really important!

After my rant yesterday, I felt better. So, as always, I tried to use my mood to create. It’s hard to get into details without giving much away, but I will try. Basically, book 1 was supposed to show a bit of naivety. Book 2 is far more descriptive, dark and a lot more happens rather quickly. I hope that people understand why it is different! I used my frame of mind to adjust a few spots and personally love how it’s turning out! Book 3 will have an even more dark feel. Again, I really hope everyone understands what is going on, and that it just doesn’t work for a small few!

This is where reviews would be a great help! So please give one!!!


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