Negative Post


Yup, this is a negative post. I just can’t think positive at the moment.
Whenever things go wrong, I usually try to find the up side. Focusing on the positives normally works. Not this week.

I’ve slacked off on everything because I’m in such a negative frame of mind. I’m barely promoting my book, and with the little help I get this is something I always need to keep up. Haven’t been editing or setting up anything, and I really should be.  I give myself deadlines and they must be met, just like in real publishing. Right now, I just don’t care.

If something can go wrong, it has. Things have been building up over about a month, and now I’m just done. Most isn’t writing related, well it’s about half and half. All I want to do is tell everyone to F-off, burn down my house and become a crazy backwoods hermit. Yes this is the frame of mind I’m in right now.

Sadly, I will keep plugging away, hoping that something finally goes right. Most likely, I will continue to be disappointed.



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