Fantasy gets a bad rap!


Or so it seems. Unless the book can be made into a movie, or was written by a celebrity, it tends to be the bottom of the novel pyramid.

This bugs me and I really would like to know who decided this.

Writing fantasy is not any easier then any other fiction. Everything still has to flow, have an intriguing plot and the characters need to interest you. Scenes maybe different, but still have to be believable. So what’s the difference?

I also love the labels.

Reading fantasy doesn’t mean you live in your moms basement and play dungeons an dragons every weekend. I love being outside, having a fire and drinking some beers with friends. Heavy metal, hard rock and classical are my fav music genres.  I can also read a novel a day.

I think that if you haven’t read  a few different novels from a genre, you can’t really form an opinion. I don’t like romance. I’ve read from a few different authors and just find it lame. I’m more mystery, horror, fantasy and the odd regular fiction. Truly it depends on the author.

There are some fantasy authors I don’t enjoy. Their books aren’t bad, they just write in a way I don’t like.

Now read this again, but change ‘fantasy’ to your favorite genre. Other then my opening sentence, this could be about any type. Maybe it’s time to look at fantasy as more then a good movie idea!



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