Seeing as failure is out, guess it’s time to get motivated!!!

But how?

This is a question I sometimes ask myself. I live in an area that makes creating forest scenes easy. I wish I could travel to the UK to get a better idea of castle scenes. Since I can’t, I guess I will continue making it up as I go! But again, how do I get into that frame of mind?

Some days I have difficulty keeping positive, and it reflects in my work. So I’ve tried a balance. When doing a rough draft, I write the sad things when I’m having a bad day. It reads horribly, but sets the tone. This kind of perks me up, and I go on writing other things. Strange, I know, but hey!

When things get really annoying, I go for a walk by myself, have a fire in my pit with my husband or go admire my flowers. Yes, I admire my flowers. Seeing the different colours and textures usually gets me back into an artistic state of mind. This makes it easier to create interesting descriptions of places and people. Hopefully that comes through!

These are things that work for me. You need to make sure you find something that works for you! (Before it’s too late)



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