Failure is all perspective. If others think you are a failure, but you see it as things just need adjusting, then you are well on your way to success! Don’t give in to negativity!

To me, failure isn’t that the goals I’ve set aren’t accomplished as I wanted, but more I gave up trying to achieve them. As I’ve said before, I’m not even close to my ‘books sold’ goal. That being said, it isn’t realistic, more a hope. My book is getting out there slowly, so my goal will probably be achieved in a year.


I haven’t stopped promoting book 1, that would be giving up. I am, however, more focused on finishing book 2. To compensate becoming a bit slack, I  had a weekend sale. Only sold a few but it’s better then zero!

Kobo right now has a $5 credit to those who sign up, but current members get it too. So, my price is now $4.99 (can$). Might not help, but I won’t know unless I try!

If you expect things to happen quickly, be prepared for disappointment. Just don’t give up! Learn from the mistakes you make and adjust accordingly.



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