Reviews and ratings are important!


For the record, this is what I think of my book:


Maybe 4, but not a 5!

I only have 3 reviews, and 1 that’s just a star rating. (The reviews can be found on Kobo and Goodreads) All are 5 star. I’m happy that people have enjoyed my book, but to not have a negative, or lower star rating, is bugging me. I’ve barely sold any just yet so if my book actually sells more I’m bound to get 1!

I’m not afraid of a bad review. In fact I really am looking forward to my first 1. To be honest, if it just says they didn’t like my book or that it’s crap, I will be annoyed.

What I want is honest opinions, and helpful criticism! If you don’t like it, fine, but tell me why! Don’t find the characters interesting? Too long/short? Hard to follow? Any information you post helps me become a better writer.

So please make sure you review my book. If you bought it on Kobo just use their site. I recommend creating a Goodreads account to review my printed 1, but you can use it for either type. Every review helps!!!!!



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