I do have goals! Honest! Sadly, most are too ridiculous to even come close to being achieved. This is true for most people I’m sure.

My goals actually range in difficulty. I have one set for how many of book one I want sold before the second book is released. I’m not even close. I have another as to when book two will be ready for sale, followed by the first of the People of Melarandra novellas. Unrealistic but I’m pushing to do it! Still, not meeting book one goals is changing my mind somewhat.

I have other goals too. They are more personal and only known by me. These are the more ridiculous ones, and I’m still going to try!

Thing with goals, people tend to forget the people around them. Family and friends should never take a backseat, although once in a while it may be necessary. Just don’t make it constant or you may not have anyone to celebrate with!!

Goals are great, just stay grounded when planning them. Don’t ever give up on them either!



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