Get by with a little help from my friends


Nothing is more true at this moment. I have a Facebook page that I do most of my talking on. Doesn’t have a lot of likes just yet, but it’s slowly getting there.

The point to this blog is to get my name out there, but my Facebook page is the one I use the most. Yesterday I reposted the link for my book on Kobo. A few friends shared the link and 175 people saw it. Don’t know if that will turn into any new sales, but that isn’t a big deal right now. All I care about is getting the word out there. Even if all i get is new page likes, it’s a start. This isn’t possible without help from friends.

Soon I will have 3 books out. In an already flooded market I’m just hoping mine stand out enough to get a few sold. Not going to be well off from my books, but making a few bucks would be nice.

So feel free to follow me at P. D Stewart on Facebook, @Melarandra on Twitter and Instagram (still figuring this one out) and also on Google+.


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