Writing is easy? Ha!


I’ve actually had someone say this. I was then called lazy and told that anyone can write. That is true, anyone who learnt how in school can write. Putting a bunch of words together to create something interesting is a bit more difficult then just being able to write. I do feel that everyone has one story in them, some just need assistance creating it.

I don’t fancy myself to be an amazing author, but I am quite proud of my work. I could do better, and I do try to improve on things. Hopefully by book five I will have become amazing, but don’t count on it!

I try to do a little bit each day. I always have paper near to write down ideas, and some days i actually come up with a lot! Doing the rough draft is usually the easy part, for me anyway. Fixing the draft to make it something special is when things get fun. Writing overall is anything but easy!

Stages of writing.
You love it, hate it, fix it, start to love it again, find more issues, hate it to the point that you are certain no one is going to like it, question your ability, fix some more, feel it’s much better, few more edits, figure it’s as good as it’s going to get, then publish

This is my “easy” life.

I do have a book out, and more will follow. Guess I’m taking the easy way in life!


My reply, for those wondering, was “easy my f’n ass”. To being called lazy, well I ignored that one altogether.


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