Word Counts – Words Count


I have been seeing this a lot lately. People updating status’ about how many words they have written. That’s all fine and dandy, but are the words a jumbled mess?

You can write a lot of words in a day, but they need to make sense. A lot of ‘a’, ‘the’, and the like are mixed in, so what did you really write? Rough drafts usually have many issues, but are still intriguing. They show where you wish to go, and eventually get to.

My rough drafts tend to have parts that say “doing stuff and whatever works in this chapter”. I don’t do word counting based on this. I wrote a lot, but it’s crap. I do check my word count upon completion, but that is mainly to see just how long my horrible book really is.

So remember kids, tracking your words is fine, just make sure they are worth counting!


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