Another day, and I’m lucky if I made a dollar


Sad truth of self publishing is the fact that you don’t have the big publishing house promoting your book for you. Although, you are the one that has to go out and do signings etc as per your contract, which would be crappy. The house helps though.

Me, I do it all myself. I have a facebook page, twitter and am attempting instagram. I also have this blog that I share on those sites, as well as goodreads. So far, not doing much. I don’t have new followers, or any new sales for my book. I wasn’t expecting huge sales, but a few here and there would be nice. It’s available on Kobo, Google Play and I also did some prints. I’m planning on getting a website but that’s about a year away.

Some people think that the printed ones are making me a lot of money. I had 50 printed and of those I have to sell 43 to break even. So to those who think I’m making something, HA! So far, 12 have sold and 14 more are held for some who stated they are interested. Here’s hoping they actually buy them.

I still stand by going the self published route. My book isn’t horrible, and it most likely would have been taken by a real publisher, but that’s not me. I want to be obscure. I like that not one of my pages linked to my book has a photo of me. That doesn’t generate sales either, but at least no one knows what I look like so it makes it harder for someone who doesn’t know my face to harass me. I can handle the ones I know.


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