Editing is evil but necessary. If you write out a first draft and decide it’s perfect, you are a spaz.

My first draft feelings are usually positive. I can see the start of something amazing. Then the re-writes begin. I go from ‘wow’ to wtf is this crap. This continues for the next few months as I fix issues and add or subtract story parts. After all of this silliness the time comes when I feel I have done all I can. Excitement kicks in but is quickly followed by ‘no one is going to read this crap’.

I have book 1 out there and in my opinion it is adequate. Not great, spectacular or even decent. Just adequate. Book 2 is in the final re-writes and edits so right now I’m in ‘this is crap and no one is going to read it’ mode. Perhaps that will change, but I wouldn’t count on that. :mrgreen:


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