My first book


As I have said before, this is a blog to help promote my writing. I write fantasy. It’s a lot of fun, and headache, and that usually happens all in the same moment.

My first book was an emotional rollercoaster. So many things happened, and it ended up taking years before I was able to finish it. Ruined copies, unable to open files, just pure craziness. A year ago I was finally able to open and finish writing it. From there I spent months with edits and re-writes. Finally I had it where I thought it was as good as I wanted it. Then came what to do with it.

I put it on Kobo for 2 reasons. First, it was free. Second, it has an amazing program you can use and it is very helpful. I was quite nervous when I finally posted it. I haven’t had many sales, but that’s alright. It will take a while for people to hear about it. I don’t expect it to sell a lot, but am hoping more people check it out. I also hope those who did read it review it. I have 3 reviews from people who love it, I am now waiting for someone who doesn’t. It’s bound to happen.

Book 1 is called Children of the Sun and Moon. Book 2 is called Cavern of the Heavens and will be available on Kobo by the fall. Then I have two more outlined for this series, but I think it’s going to have many more. I just love the world I have created and want to keep going with it.


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