Self publishing Joy….ish


Do not use kindle. That I was told repeatedly.

I researched the different e-book platforms, trying to find one that suited me. In my readings I found a lot of people who had bad stories to tell about kindle. They make you exclusively use them and that is one major downside in my mind. It would be like going through a publishing house an only one book store is allowed to carry it.

I went with Kobo Writing Life. The program is great and very easy to use. The downside with them is the payment schedule. If you use Google Play/Play Books you get paid monthly even if you only sold 1 book. With Kobo you have to make $100 USD otherwise you get paid annually. Or semi annually. Not sure because it says both. Lol. Still, I really enjoy it and recommend it!

In the end I also got some printed. Expensive and you need to be careful how you price them, but to me worth it. Careful pricing is true for e-books as well, so look into it!


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