Writing Pros, Cons and Fun


It was recommended to me that if I wanted a way to promote my book, I should do a blog. So here we are again.

So far, this isn’t working. I still have no followers and only a few views. I might be able to write a decent tale but blogging is a whole other issue. Feels like I’m talking to myself and let me tell you, it’s a tad creepy.

I’m a self published author, and there are many pros and cons to doing it. Pro, don’t have to sign my life away. Con, no help with advertising. I’m e-published on two sites, and decided to do some prints. Only 50 at this time but 21 are already spoken for. It’s a start!

As I’ve said many times, I don’t want to be famous. However, I would like to sell a few dozen. Probably asking a lot from people.


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