Pantsing and Outlining


Ok, although I have a general outline of the characters, and places, rarely do I have an actual outline for the book. I keep a notebook nearby, and as I’m writing and new ideas pop in, I write them down. Actually outlining chapters, like I am doing with this current wip, is freaking me out a bit.

I have an open file for book 6 in the series. Every day I come up with something I remember needs to be dealt with so I open it, add a little blurb, but instead of shutting it down, I end up writing a paragraph or 2 of a section that is totally unrelated to the blurb I entered. This is how I normally write.

All of this is clearly making my current wip take longer than it should be right now. However, I feel like if I leave book 6 for too long I might forget the point of it. This conundrum is making me think I might have to forgo the Order trilogy for now, and focus on book 6 (7 & 8). Perhaps I should put my energy into book 6, and do the trilogy on the side?

These are normal writer problems. Trust me!

I love flying by the seat of my pants, with a little outlining mixed in. My notebooks are all called ‘ramblings’ for a reason. It does bring up some issues though.

The little bits already in book 6 make me excited. (It begins about a decade later than book 5.) They explain the point of Bastle’s murder, ancient elvish assassin’s, Norala, unicorns running about the real world once again, those thought dead existing in a strange place (and what that strange place is) and finally a glimpse into what might happen with Eric. It’s crazy, and I hope, grabs people from the moment they open it.

See! This is why I think I’m going to be putting my energy into book 6, and slowly work on the trilogy.

Well, I guess that’s that. I’ll do a little of both, and whichever comes to fruition first, gets the focus. Or I might go insane. Either way, something will be accomplished!

So fly by the seat of your pants, write with the flurry of a fairy, or outline. Just do it your way!


Writing A Little Differently


The Order of Maget

This is what I am writing right now. It is a trilogy that starts when the Wizard’s War ended. It shows the rise of the Order (you meet them in Children of the Sun and Moon). So far this trilogy has been interesting.

I guess I should clarify. I am writing this work differently. Each book is split into 3 sections that showcase the life of the current leader and what they are doing to change the Central Lands.
For example, book 1 is Richard, Orrin, Freida.

It’s all different due to the fact that the Order is basically an evil group hell bent on using magic to take over the world. They actually get magic to be deemed evil, and anyone or thing destroyed should they possess it. My problem is writing truly evil characters, and the main one in each book essentially is pure evil, yet they are not.

See my fun?

I am taking my time with these ones and have not as of yet set a specific time when the first will be released. I want to be certain that the essence of evil I wish to show is there, along with the innocence that tags along side it.

I’ve barely made a dent in the first book and I’m already feeling excited and crazy. I really do hope these books come off the way I want (and need) them to in order to set up what is still to come in the main series.

Wish me luck! (and talent)

Celebrate You!


We need to celebrate life now, not once someone has passed. It appears to be something the average person cannot do.

Why is it we never like to talk about ourselves?

Ok, we all know someone who never shuts up and makes everything always about them. I’m talking about us regular folk, who for some strange reason, stay silent.

If we accomplish something, we need to celebrate it. No matter how small it might appear to others if it’s a big deal to you; CELEBRATE IT!!!!!!!!!! (I will use more exclamation points if needed.)

I’m not used to celebrating things either. I publish a book, and it’s a blip on Facebook and Twitter. I receive many “congrats”, and that’s awesome, but why can’t I make a big deal about this stuff? My heart jumps out of my chest the moment I hit publish. It’s the point where things have turned around so much I’m not even sure if I know what I just wrote anymore, yet I do it anyway. My life, heart, and soul are out there for all to tear apart and voice their opinion on. All this and more stop me from being proud of what I’ve accomplished, but they are not a good enough excuse.

So I challenge you all to celebrate yourselves! If you’ve done something that makes your heart soar, speak about it. Let everyone know how proud you are to have accomplished something that felt impossible. Shout it to the world!

I have published 5 novels now. 5! They aren’t the greatest, but I am learning with each one, and hope it’s for the better. I do have a few fans, and that’s a great place to start! I love writing, and won’t be stopping even if all I ever get are bad reviews. Creating all these odd things is amazing!

My books as of 2019

Having Fun With Royal Lineage


If you’ve read book 1 – Children of the Sun and Moon –  you understand that the rulers of the Central Lands (Free-Realm) are the Traven’s. This wasn’t always so. In fact, it was this family that joined the two ruling classes together.

Once upon a time…
There were 2 powerful families. There weren’t many settled in the area known as the Central Lands so these two families prospered. When the area began to see more people, it was decided that a ruler should exist to help settle all matters in regards to the area. Since there were only 2 families to have influence over others, a council of peers was created to decide who should rule, and when.

At first things were petty. Each side attempting to curry favour from the council. Eventually things mellowed out, and each side would take the council’s choice without argument. This, interestingly enough, coincided with the wizard fortress turning into a school, and bringing more people into the area. (The school thing is due to Gillock, and will be explained one day)

The two ruling families were Traven, and Klayhern. Usually rule kept with one side until no heir was born, or something happened to the children before they were of age to take the throne. Also, only current rulers children can take the throne. If they have none, and the family title changes to Duke/Duchess, a sibling to the throne, or even a distant cousin, now becomes thrust into the realm of noble intrigue.

So where am I going with this?

I needed to create royal lineage for the trilogy I am working on now. It will also carry over to another trilogy at a later date. It’s interesting because there is a Duke/Duchess and King/Queen. When one side can no longer rule, someone from their family line becomes the next Duke/Duchess. Since only children from the current rulers can take the throne this creates some fun times in creating the lineage.

So far I am having a lot of fun, but I have only just started mapping it. I’m certain my brain is going to go into overdrive, or melt. Either way, at least part of this will be written.

March 23, 2018


I have lost my filter.

Well, truth be told that happened not long after my 40th birthday. It’s worse now.

I have such issues being nice to those who are purposely rude, inconsiderate, and just overall douchebags. I also can’t keep myself quiet.

I guess a better way to put it is I’ve lost my “give-a-fuck” filter.

I’ve always been one to speak my mind, but it has hit a high lately. Instead of smiling and listening, like I used to do (good way to find new characters/traits) I find myself chatting away without a care. I know this used to occur when I was exhausted. (which is my current state…going on 4 months) Perhaps that is all this is.

I do wonder though.

What if?

My patience is gone, caring out the window, and I find myself more and more wanting to say “shut the fuck up”.

Is it due to the current state of things? My little city is being torn apart, my country going down the toilet, and our “neighbours” are no better.

Whatever the cause of my give-a-fuck running away I am going to need to deal with it…without telling people off.

Ok, without telling SOME people off.

Here’s hoping I sleep tonight, and am able to write tomorrow. I need my brain to do something other than dwell.

February 24, 2019


Everyone seems to be posting about “what they have” “who they are” and things along this line. It’s great to see people know who they are, and what they have accomplished, but I don’t like the slamming going on.

You see, in my life, everything I have, everything I am, is thanks to my husband. Without him, I can honestly say, I do not know where I would be, and I would have nothing.

Things were pretty bad for a while in my life. I lost track of who I was. The only positive I had was my children. No dreams to follow, or goals to achieve. I was on a downward spiral. Then Jason and I began a relationship.

For those of you who know my husband, he wasn’t in a good place himself back then. I guess you could say we saved each other. Lots of bumps in the road at the beginning, but we never gave up. Both of us knew we could be a better person, and we are.

What do I have?

My true self back. The girl who doesn’t take crap, who always speaks her mind. I try to be respectful, helping, and understanding in most situations. I also got my ambition back.

This is how I got the courage to publish book 1.

Jason didn’t even know I wrote a book.

When I had the ability to open the file once again (it was lost for a time), I decided to actually finish writing it. The novel was almost complete, only needed a few chapters to end it, so I did. Then I began to edit, and get feedback on it. Finally, I put it on Kobo. The day I did was the day I sat him down, and told him that I had wrote a book, that it was going to be a series, and I published it. From that point on I kept pushing forward with my writing. The novels are now available on many platforms, and there are 5 of them out there.

Without him making me feel confident with myself, I would never have taken the leap. Although he isn’t a reader himself, he is always proud of me when I complete a new novel, and put it out there to be judged by the world.

I work three jobs: writer, Epicure consultant, and crossing guard. None of them pay well, but I do bring in a little money. Jason is the breadwinner for sure in this house. I dream of the day when I can provide for us with my writing. No I don’t want to be a household name, I just want to make enough to not need 2 other jobs, and maybe take a vacation now and then.

For now, I will stick with camping.

Thank you Jason for providing me with confidence, and the ability to work lame jobs that let me focus on my writing.

Now, go buy a book!

A Beautiful Sunday


The temperature is still chilly, but the sun is shining and signals a new week has begun. One that will be filled with partially sunny days, and hopefully some nice temps. A new week means a new perspective.

The last little while has been difficult. Now, I am trying to move past the darkness, and focus on the light.

On FB, I have been posting images that showcase what makes me happy. Sunshine, flowers, outdoors..just to name a few. I plan to do this until the end of the month in the hope that I can bring a little glimmer of happiness during these dismal months.

I love winter. Being a December baby helps..I think. But with the curve balls life has been throwing at so many people I know, these last few weeks can only be described as dismal. So I begin to focus on spring. Life reborn, things renewed, and all things comforting.

Please enjoy this image showing off a few of my lilies.

Three of my 13 lillies.